Demijohn in wicker basket 1 literDemijohn in wicker basket 3 liters Cassette 6x50 ml Cassette 2X100 ML Small wooden barrel 3 liters  with 6 glassesBrandy Glass 50 ml Brandy glass (Tzoi) 100 ml Brandy glass (TZOI) 500 ML Bottle 750 ml

History of SC KOSO SRL

The company was established in 2000 with the purpose of promoting traditional Transylvanian tzuica on the Romanian and international market. The company’s status is that of fiscal warehouse.

The produce of the company is manufactured exclusively in Romania and it involves fruit growers, palinca manufacturers, carpenters, coopers, glassmakers and wicker weavers – in all more than 50 people whose lives are linked to this wonderful beverage.


In addition to large hypermarket chains (Real, Metro, Spar) in Romania, we also supply numerous restaurants and hotels throughout the country.